Terms and Conditions

Any person making use of the Aerovis Imaging website, including any and all of the contents included therein, and/or the services and products provided by Aerovis Imaging, agrees to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

1. No images may be downloaded from this website and/or used by any person for any purpose whatsover, other than for preliminary screening and assessment as to potential suitability for purchase or commissioning of services provided by Aerovis Imaging.

2. Aerovis Imaging retains copyright in all images, including any and all images displayed on its website, images purchased from Aerovis Imaging in whatever format, and any and all images commissioned by clients of Aerovis Imaging. Commercial use is only allowed where specified and agreed to in writing by the copyright holder.

3. For any purchased images or commissioned aerial photography services, the client agrees that Aerovis Imaging make use of any such images for marketing purposes, display on its website, competitions, exhibitions, subsequent resale as stock imagery, etc.

4. Image reproduction (including but not limited to downloading, printing, scanning etc) for direct resale or profit is strictly prohibited. Absolutely no commercial use of any images without purchase thereof and/or agreement in writing by the copyright holder will be permitted, irrespective of the resolution or file size thereof (including thumbnail images), and infringements thereof will be viewed in a very serious light, including prosecution to the full extent of the law. Minimum charge for unauthorised usage is R5000.00 per image per instance.

5. Where purchased or commissioned images are used for any form of public display, dissemination, commercial marketing or broadcasting in any form, the Aerovis Imaging copyright text and contact details shall either be visible and legible on the image, or some form of acknowledgement to Aerovis Imaging, including contact details, shall be included with each use.

6. Images shall not be altered or modified in any way, whether digitally or otherwise, other than cropping, without obtaining prior written consent from Aerovis Imaging.

7. Purchased or commissioned images may only be distributed to third parties for marketing purposes by the primary client. Copies of images or image files shall not be made available directly to any third parties for any marketing, commercial or any other use by such third parties, whether for profit or not. In summary: If you didn't purchase the image directly from us yourself, you do not have any rights to use it!

8. Any information provided on this website is for information purposes only. Whilst all effort is taken to ensure accuracy thereof, and to keep information updated, no liability can be accepted for any inaccuracies whatsoever. It is the user and/or client's responsibility to verify the accuracy of any information before committing himself in any way whatsoever, contractually or otherwise. All content is subject to change without notice.