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Aerial Photography

Our speciality is "oblique angle aerial photography", with images typically taken from between 1000 and 5000 feet above the ground.
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If you or your company would like to evaluate us as a supplier of photographic services, please Contact us for a copy of our Company Profile and we will email it to you without delay.

Custom flights can be done at short notice if required, with flights fully customisable to meet your requirements. Almost anything is do-able, provided it does not violate aviation regulations or our own safety requirements.

The Stock images in our gallery are also available for purchase. Check them out - you may just find what you need. We also have thousands more images in our archives, so if you are looking for something specific, please send us an email.

Digital image correction / editing / retouching

Our images generally require very little editing. If anything, we only do some exposure correction and perhaps occasionally some cropping. We do however have the expertise and systems to digitally manipulate your images if you have special requirements.

Urgent / Fast turnaround services

Where required, we offer a same-day service where you could be supplied with your image files on the same day, and sometimes even within 3 or 4 hours of calling us! Ideal for recording accident / incident scenes for insurance purposes or press usage, for example.

Example Aerial Photography applications:

PROPERTY - Property evaluation, land development, advertising, appraisals, client gifts. An extremely useful tool for estate agents to be able to display a property to a prospective client.

GENERAL BUSINESS - A marked-up aerial photo showing the position of your business relative to major access roads can be invaluable to your potential clients, if displayed on your website or promotional material.

DEVELOPMENT, ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING - Aerial photos are used for property evaluation, to obtain financing, as preliminary planning for aerial survey projects, and for marketing programs. Very effective for marketing residential estate developments. Architects often "superimpose" a digital impression of a proposed development onto an aerial image of the site, in order to give an accurate rendition of the completed project in relation to its surroundings.

CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS - An extremely useful tool for monitoring, documenting/recording and reporting the progress of construction projects of all types. This is particularly useful if a series of images is done periodically, say every month. Even small projects benefit from this - it is very effective for before/after images for roofing and paving contractors for example.

STOCKTAKING - Particularly of bulk stockpiled material.

DISPLAY Business associates, clients and friends are always impressed by a professionally produced, framed aerial enlargement. Whether displayed in an office or conference room, an aerial photo is always impressive and a subject of discussion. Call us for a firm quote to supply a professionally framed large image of your business premises for your boardroom.

ADVERTISING Aerial images are effective and eye-catching in any print media, including magazines, newspapers etc. Particularly effective in brochures and calendars.

GOVERNMENT Aerial photography is invaluable to local government agencies, who utilise it for planning, zoning, public relations, law enforcement, presentations, environmental compliance monitoring, special events etc. Aerial photographs of crime scenes are a valuable tool for law enforcement agencies, and are often used as evidence in court for prosecution purposes.

LEGAL Attorneys use aerial photos to help settle disputes, accidents, land or structural damage, estates, and boundary questions etc.

INSURANCE Aerial photographs make an excellent record of a structure and its surrounding area. Images of accident scenes, or intersections where accidents occurred can be extremely useful for litigation purposes. Often also used to record sites of industrial accidents or to record fire damage to properties.

These are just some examples. Contact us to discuss your specific application.